Card Readings is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use oracle or tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. Aqua channels and reads cards according to not only what is shown but what is giving to her through channeling. During your session she will choose which deck is a good fit for you and read. You may ask for a specific deck to be used if guided. Aqua reads from Chakra, Angel, Spirit of the Moon & Orisha Tarot Cards. 



Chakra Deck

Chakras are aligned and in balance, purest wellbeing is experienced. By working closely with these cards you will experience a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment and healing. Chakra Reading Cards brings a world of guidance and clarity to your life.

Angel Deck

Angels have messages that can help you heal every area of your life. Aqua will help communicate with your angels; and give you angelic answers and guidance about your love life, career, healthy, family and more.

Spirit De La Lune Deck

Is a one of a kind oracle deck devoted to the Cycles of the Moon, the Zodiacs & the Elements. Aqua channels and reads from a place of pure energy, connection and grace to give you insight on several aspects of your journey. 
Orisha Tarot Deck

Discover the Power of the Orishas. Open the doors to divination and magic with the only deck in the world that blends the powerful magic of West African Yoruba. Feel the powerful energy and wisdom of the Orishas as Aqua taps into her roots and magic to bring you insight from afar. 


Typically  a reading can last 15 minutes or longer depending on the amount of information that comes forth. The price is for a 15min reading. There will be additional cost for a reading lasting more than 15min.  

Card Readings

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